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The EFR Business Week has been the leading student congress in Europe for almost 30 years. The power always has been the magnitude of its reach and ability to amaze. It is time for a new congress on campus: the “World of Business”, which will give you unorthodox ways of thinking, an innovative way of showing and a new way of experiencing.

The theme of this year is: “Sustain your Excellence”. Students need to believe in the lean and flexible way of thinking, where the emphasis goes to the preservation and sustainability of their own excellence. Every consideration made by a student should add value to their process of achieving excellence and sustaining this excellence. The EFR-Business Week shall provide you with all aspects of business and personal development. We are going to bring all different dimensions and disciplines to one day, one world, so important future decisions can be based on the right possibilities.

Jimmy is invited to speak on the second of April along with many others, so visit, listen and learn.

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