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Jimmy and the project have been published in over a 1000 magazines, you can read all articles here. Of course you can also take a look at Jimmy's TEDtalks or TV interviews and learn all about Jimmy's experiences behind the scenes.  

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CultureCultureCultureJanuary 2016Check out the review
Fotografare, ItalyFotografare, ItalyFotografare, ItalySeptember 2015Check out the review
Wander-lust.nlWander-lust.nlWander-lust.nlSeptember 2015Check out the review
Tedx.amsterdamTedx.amsterdamTedx.amsterdamAugust 2015Check out the review 2015Check out the review
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Passepartout.olivianita.comPassepartout.olivianita.comPassepartout.olivianita.comJanuary 2015Check out the discussion December 2014Check out the review
American Photo, USAmerican Photo, USAmerican Photo, USNovember 2014Download PDF October 2014Check out the review
Hamburger Morgenpost, GermanyHamburger Morgenpost, GermanyHamburger Morgenpost, GermanyOctober 2014Download PDF
Docma, GermanyDocma, GermanyDocma, GermanyJuly 2014Download PDF
Bild der Wissenschaft, GermanyBild der Wissenschaft, GermanyBild der Wissenschaft, GermanyJuly 2014Download PDF
The Times, UKThe Times, UKThe Times, UKJune 2014Download PDF
Stadtzauber Kulturmagazin, GermanyStadtzauber Kulturmagazin, GermanyStadtzauber Kulturmagazin, GermanyApril 2014Download PDF
c't Digital Photography, USc't Digital Photography, USc't Digital Photography, USApril 2014Download PDF
Hali, UKHali, UKHali, UKApril 2014Download PDF February 2014Check out the review
Natur, GermanyNatur, GermanyNatur, GermanyJanuary 2014Download PDF
Digital Photo, GermanyDigital Photo, GermanyDigital Photo, GermanyJanuary 2014Download PDF
Top magazine, GermanyTop magazine, GermanyTop magazine, GermanyJanuary 2014Download PDF
Missio, GermanyMissio, GermanyMissio, GermanyJanuary 2014Download PDF
Photo, FrancePhoto, FrancePhoto, FranceDecember 2013Download PDF
Villa D'arte, NetherlandsVilla D'arte, NetherlandsVilla D'arte, NetherlandsDecember 2013Download PDF December 2013Check out the review
American Photo Magazine, USAmerican Photo Magazine, USAmerican Photo Magazine, USDecember 2013Download PDF
Quality, GermanyQuality, GermanyQuality, GermanyDecember 2013Download PDF
IO Donna, ItalyIO Donna, ItalyIO Donna, ItalyDecember 2013Download PDF
De Morgen BelgiumDe Morgen BelgiumDe Morgen BelgiumDecember 2013Download PDF
Departures, GermanyDepartures, GermanyDepartures, GermanyDecember 2013Check out the review
Outdoor photography, UKOutdoor photography, UKOutdoor photography, UKDecember 2013Download PDF
Der Standard, GermanyDer Standard, GermanyDer Standard, GermanyNovember 2013Download PDF November 2013Check out the review
Wellness Magazin, AustriaWellness Magazin, AustriaWellness Magazin, AustriaNovember 2013Download PDF
Berliner Zeitung, GermanyBerliner Zeitung, GermanyBerliner Zeitung, GermanyNovember 2013Download PDF November 2013Check out the review
Geo Saison, GermanyGeo Saison, GermanyGeo Saison, GermanyNovember 2013Download PDF
Vogue, GermanyVogue, GermanyVogue, GermanyNovember 2013Download PDF
NRC The NetherlandsNRC The NetherlandsNRC The NetherlandsOctober 2013Download PDF
Manager GermanyManager GermanyManager GermanyOctober 2013Download PDF
Top Magazin GermanyTop Magazin GermanyTop Magazin GermanyOctober 2013Download PDF
Shortlist, UKShortlist, UKShortlist, UKOctober 2013Download PDF
Bild am Sonntag GermanyBild am Sonntag GermanyBild am Sonntag GermanyOctober 2013Download PDF
Madame GermanyMadame GermanyMadame GermanyOctober 2013Download PDF ONLINEOctober 2013Check out the review October 2013Check out the review ONLINEOctober 2013
Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungFrankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungFrankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungOctober 2013Download PDF
Case & Stili ItalyCase & Stili ItalyCase & Stili ItalyOctober 2013Download PDF
Lounge SwitzerlandLounge SwitzerlandLounge SwitzerlandOctober 2013Download PDF October 2013Check out the review
Die ZeitDie ZeitDie ZeitOctober 2013Download PDF October 2013Check out the review
Neue Westfälische GermanyNeue Westfälische GermanyNeue Westfälische GermanyOctober 2013Download PDF
AugenblickeAugenblickeAugenblickeOctober 2013Check out the review
Landelijk Wonen The NetherlandsLandelijk Wonen The NetherlandsLandelijk Wonen The NetherlandsSeptember 2013Download PDF
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Elle.deElle.deElle.deSeptember 2013Check out the book review
Schweizer Illustrierte SwitzerlandSchweizer Illustrierte SwitzerlandSchweizer Illustrierte SwitzerlandSeptember 2013Check out the book review
Colorfoto Fotomagazine GermanyColorfoto Fotomagazine GermanyColorfoto Fotomagazine GermanySeptember 2013Download PDF
Kapital Light BulgariaKapital Light BulgariaKapital Light BulgariaSeptember 2013Download PDF
Suddeutsche Zeitung GermanySuddeutsche Zeitung GermanySuddeutsche Zeitung GermanySeptember 2013Download PDF
Buch Journal GermanyBuch Journal GermanyBuch Journal GermanySeptember 2013Download PDF
Heritage GermanyHeritage GermanyHeritage GermanySeptember 2013Download PDF
Cosmopolitan GermanyCosmopolitan GermanyCosmopolitan GermanySeptember 2013Download PDF
L'Officiel The NetherlandsL'Officiel The NetherlandsL'Officiel The NetherlandsSeptember 2013Download PDF
Cover GermanyCover GermanyCover GermanySeptember 2013Download PDF
ImagineImagineImagineSeptember 2013Check out the book review
The Black Journal AustriaThe Black Journal AustriaThe Black Journal AustriaSeptember 2013Download PDF
Diario de IbizaDiario de IbizaDiario de IbizaAugust 2013Download PDF
Munchen TZ GermanyMunchen TZ GermanyMunchen TZ GermanyJuly 2013Download PDF
Luxury Life Magazine GermanyLuxury Life Magazine GermanyLuxury Life Magazine GermanyJuly 2013Download PDF
Bunte Magazine GermanyBunte Magazine GermanyBunte Magazine GermanyJuly 2013Download PDF
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