Before They - Photography Project by Jimmy Nelson

XIV. The Netherlands

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The Netherlands
For Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde in The Netherlands Jimmy photographed Dutch tribes. 
You can find traditions and culture everywhere. 
The exhibition at Rijskmuseum Volkenkunde concluded with a series of photographs of the 'domestic travels' that Jimmy made in January 2014 especially for the exhibition. The residents of Marken and Terschelling have been photographed at their most beautiful. 


The Netherlands

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Marken is a peninsula in the Markermeer, in the Netherlands and a former island in the Zuiderzee, located in the municipality Waterland in the province North Holland. It is the namesake of the Markermeer, the body of water which surrounds it. The former island is nowadays connected to the North Holland mainland by a causeway.
The history and present of Marken
Because it was an island for so long, the costume of Marken is quite different from many other traditional costumes in the Netherlands. It is, for instance, the only costume with a corset-like bodice.


The Netherlands

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Terschelling is a municipality and an island in the northern Netherlands, one of the West Frisian Islands. It is situated between the islands of Vlieland and Ameland.
The lighthouse known as De Brandaris welcomes visitors to the island
Tourism became an increasingly important factor in the 20th century. Of the Dutch Wadden Sea islands, Terschelling was very much a latecomer in the tourism field; with agriculture and maritime business long remaining the most important sources of income for the island. However, nowadays tourism is the most important economic activity.