Before They - Photography Project by Jimmy Nelson

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Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2007, Rademakers Gallery is a contemporary gallery that presents artworks by emerging and renowned artists at the interface of art, photography, fashion and design. Pien Rademakers, art historian and founder of the gallery, has a passion for the multidisciplinary in the arts and strongly values an inspiring context where all creative disciplines merge together. It is impossible to view art from one angle only as all disciplines influence and inspire each other.

Rademakers Gallery represents established artists such as Jimmy Nelson, Hendrik Kerstens, Studio Job, Carli Hermès, Sebiha Demir and Cathalijn Wouters. Likewise, the gallery represents emerging artists such as Natasja van der Meer, Flokje van Lith and Zuijderwijk Vergouwe. Rademakers Gallery emphasizes on ‘crossovers’ between the artistic disciplines, which is perfectly executed in every exhibition and show that Rademakers composes. 

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