Before They - Photography Project by Jimmy Nelson


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Together with Anke Degenhard and Michael Drinkhahn of the Crossover Gallery in Hamburg, we have made an exclusive selection of the over 500 images shown in ‘Before They Pass Away’ . Which are all available in 4 different sizes and as an limited edition of 19 in total. All Art Prints are delivered with a stamp of authentication and accompanying certificate.

Magic Group Media has been Jimmy Nelson’s creative partner and adviser for more than15 years. For the “Before They Pass Away” project they advised Jimmy on many creative issues and have taken the images under their care from a (analog development) to z (the highest possible quality- ready for print). We are proud to tell you this eventually led to sponsor ship by Magic Group Media for the “Before They // Part II” project.

Grauwert in Hamburg arranges the beautiful chromogenic prints mounted on aluminium. Grauwert has been operating worldwide since 1984 for museums, artists like Bryan Adams and Ellen von Umwerth among many others.  "Together with the artist we implement 'soul' to both digital and analog images." 

The images are framed by Rohlfs (Hamburg) in nut wood behind museum art glass. Gerhard Rohlfs has been manufacturing frames and is self employed since 26 years. With his staff he makes sure every frame is customized and in respect to the work and the artist like Douglas Kirkland, Andreas Mühe, Mary McCartney and F.C. Gundlach.

To get into contact with any of our partnering galleries, please send an email to:
Lekir MonasteryVII 270
Lekir Monastery
India, 2012

Available in 62x 86 cm, 100x 140 cm, 140x 200 cm, 180x 270 cm
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Perak ladies at Thikse MonasteryVII 280
Perak Ladies
Thikse Monastery, Ladakh
India, 2012

Available in 62x 110 cm, 100x 180 cm, 140x 260 cm, 180x 360 cm
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Kashmiri PashminaVII 272C
Perak Lady
Lamayuru Monastery, Lamayaru Village, Ladakh
India, 2012

Available in 74x 62 cm, 120x 100 cm, 170x 140 cm, 225x 180 cm
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Stakna MonasteryVII 274
Stakna Monastery
River Indus, Ladakhi, 2012

Available in 62x 110 cm 100x 180 cm 140x 260 cm 180x 360 cm
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